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Knowledge Valley, conducts many workshops to improve the knowledge of Manufacturing and Service industry professionals worldwide. Through preparing the supply chain professionals to get the top ranking certificates in the world.
Knowledge Valley Software & Technology Implementation: We help Organizations Worldwide with software & technology selection and implementation. Our dedicated resources can take care of your various system needs. Knowledge Valley as the implementation partner, you can seamlessly integrate Knowledge Valley teaching with day-to-day operations. Knowledge Valley will be with you throughout the process to assist in defining enterprise architecture, selecting software, project management, employee skill assessment, employee training, and continued fine tuning of the process. For more information or to request service, please email.



Supply Chain Readiness Initiatives: Organization and Governments can request Knowledge Valley's assistance with Supply Chain Readiness initiatives.Knowledge Valley global resources will be able to formulate a plan to make that happen for your organization or country. For more information or to schedule a meeting, please email, info@knowledge-



Outsource your Supply Chain "Help Desk" to Knowledge Valley: We offer organizations, large and small, help desk solutions for supply chain related subject matter. Knowledge Valley customers can purcahse this service up front for a deep discount or pay for the service as needed. You simply complete an Knowledge Valley Help Desk Ticket or email, HelpDesk@ your question. Knowledge Valley Subject Matter Expert will get back to you with a solution to your question/issue. 100% satisfaction guarantee. To enroll in this program or to get more information, please email

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