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GIS Design Services

/uploads/img-0103.jpgDevelops custom GIS designs that incorporate the latest technological innovations with the unique requirements of your organization’s workflows. Knowledge Valley is an industry leader in GIS design implementations that utilize the Esri geodatabase format. Design products and services include the following:

  • On-site consulting with your organization to improve workflow and information maintenance efficiency through GIS design.
  • Geodatabase feature class development that optimizes spatial integrity and robust attribution schemas.
  • Enterprise geodatabase security and versioning schemas.
  • Pilot Projects/Proof of Concept development.
  • Annotation feature class development and symbologies.
  • Topological structuring and validation rules.



GIS Data Conversion Services

/uploads/img-0103.jpgPerformed large-scale GIS data conversion services, mostly to the Esri geodatabase. Our technical staff will work with you to develop a geodatabase design to meet your needs and convert your data. Knowledge Valley conversion procedures are continuously refined to eliminate data loss, improve topological integrity and maximize the utility of the geodatabase. Knowledge Valley can convert to the geodatabase from:

  • CAD (AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.).
  • Esri Coverages.
  • Esri Shapefiles.
  • Intergraph GeoMedia.
  • Field Surveying.



/uploads/img-0102.jpgGIS Project Management Services

The success of GIS projects relies heavily on the project lead’s ability to control costs and provide high-quality services and products on schedule. Knowledge Valley project managers use the principles of the Project Management Institute (PMI) as described in the Project Management Book of Knowledge and industry standards for the design and development of software applications, information security, and other technical products. Our project managers track project deliverables, expenses, resources, and schedules using such tools as Microsoft Project and a proprietary project management system.

Knowledge Valley project manager will be your single point of contact for project information and contractual issues. He will keep your project lead well informed about the project as we complete each and every task.



GIS Students Services

/uploads/img-0103.jpgMany of students have the following questions: “What should I do for my GIS project?”, “From where should I collect the Project Data?”, “How can I introduce the project result and document?”, “Where I can found the required support?” Or, perhaps you are that student looking for a GIS project. While the best project is the one that students come up with themselves, sometimes, suggestions are helpful. If you choose to provide suggestions, Knowledge valley staff will be your advisor, we support and transfer our knowledge, our graduation projects and assignments services include the following:

  • Discussing with the students to select the project.
  • Design a short training plan to be able develops the project.
  • Design and introduce a career path training services.
  • Supervise the student during the project processes from start to end.
  • Support the student to collect the required data.



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